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KeynoteConference Launch

Simple Software is proud to announce the launch of KeynoteConference, a full featured conference room rental website, direct from Simple Software.

For as low as $2/user per month, you can have your own unlimited, high quality on-line conference room. With just a few clicks and a credit card, you can be on-line with your associates within a few minutes.
Two users or two thousand users, you can be sure to have the best on-line web conference knowing that you are supported directly by the designers and makers of the reknown Chatterbox conferencing product used by so many other online providers.

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Chatterbox Voice Conferencing Server

Purchase your own conference server software to create your chat rooms and conferencing system. No monthly fees, no need to depend on another company to run your conference server.

Chatterbox allows you to take control of where, when and how you want to have a chat room or web conference. The Chatterbox Server requires that you install and run it on your own Windows system. Once installed, the help pages will be displayed to take you through the configuration steps.

Chatterbox provides online conferencing, with voice, data and video conferencing*. Chatterbox is ideal for conducting online meetings, events, web conferences, seminars, customer support as well as voice chat communities. Simple, reliable and secure! Get connected today, whether it's customers, partners, or friends and family; Chatterbox brings people and the internet together.